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Parker Elevate XL 31" Limited Edition Compound Bow 50-60lb - 29" draw 

Own a piece of History!

There were only 30 Parker Elevate XL Compound Bows produced before they closed their doors, and they were never released to the public until now!


Shooting at a tack driving speed of around 330 Feet Per Second (FPS), the Elevate XL features a T2 Cam System and extreme parallel limb design with up to 95% let-off. The 7.25” brace height combined with the 31” axle-to-axle, makes the Elevate XL perfect for those that want increased speed and maneuverability in the field. The Elevate XL has a draw length of 29”, and comes in 50-60 lb, draw weight.


The Elevate XL has a machined aluminum riser with a Cerakote finish, and limbs that are decorated in Kryptek Highlander camo. This set-up provides virtually no hand shock, shot after shot. The composite two-piece G10 grip makes the Elevate XL extremely comfortable to shoot. When it is drawn back, the adjustable draw stops give the shooter a solid back wall, producing a consistent draw length. The premium two-color Stone Mountain Titanium strings are pre-installed with speed nocks for even greater performance in the field.

The Elevate XL is all Made in the USA.

Elevate includes:

  • Tunable String Suppressor
  • Integrated Wrist Sling
  • Two Piece G10 Grip – Powered by Spaulding Composites
  • Speed Nocks
  • Titanium Two Color Stone Mountain Strings
  • T2 Cam System



  • Approx Speed (FPS) 325 FPS
  • Draw Weight (LBS) 50-60 Lbs
  • Draw Length 29″ 
  • Brace Height 7.25″
  • Mass Weight 5.2 lbs
  • Axle-To-Axle 31
  • Let-off 95%

Suggested Retail Price

  • Bow 31" 60# RH $999.95


  • Features
  • T2 Cam System*
  • Adjustable Draw Stop for a Solid Back Wall
  • Extreme Parallel Limb Design
  • Tunable String Suppressor
  • Integrated Sling
  • Fully Machined Extruded Aluminum Riser with Cerakote Finish
  • 2 Piece G10 Grip – Powered by Spaulding Composites
  • Speed Nocks

*T2 Cam System Lisensed Under U.S. Patent Nos. 8,534,269 B2 and 7,997,259

Exclusive Limited Edition Parker Elevate XL 31" Compound Bow 50-60 lb

$999.99 Regular Price
$549.99Sale Price
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