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                           OLD AMERICAN FLAG RED HOT Quick Detach Four Arrow Quivers with Tri-Loc


                                                                                       MSRP $59.99



The RED HOT Quick Detach Four Arrow Quiver is one of the best quivers on the market.

The quick detach four arrow quiver quickly detaches and attaches using one hand. Gone are the days of fumbling around with your quiver.  It comes with double rubber grippers to securely hold the arrows while shooting. The over-sized rubber lined hood fits most fixed and mechanical broadheads. The revolutionary Tri-Loc locking mechanism provides three quiver positions to meet your specifications. The quick detach quiver base uses standard AMO holes and is perfect for all brands of crossbows and compound bows.


Quick Detach Four Arrow Quiver Includes:

  • Tri-Loc Quiver Mount
  • Two screws for easy installation



  • 4 Arrow rubber lined quiver cup.
  • Designed to fit all brands of compound bows and crossbows.
  • Double grippers.
  • Three position mounting options.
  • Trifecta lock quick detach mechanism.
  • Designed for both fixed blade and expandable broadheads.

OLD USA FLAG - RED HOT Quick Detach Four Arrow Quiver for Bows & Crossbows

$59.99 Regular Price
$54.99Sale Price
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