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Parker Rubber stock spacer for crossbows.


The Parker crossbow stock spacer provides an additional 1″ to the crossbow stock.

The Parker Crossbow Stock Spacer works with the Parker crossbow models listed below. It is made of soft rubber that is durable and made to last in the harsh hunting elements. The stock spacer slips onto the Parker crossbow without any special tools. In addition to providing 1″ of additional length, the stock spacer reduces vibration that is produced when the crossbow is shot. Pair with the split limb dampeners for added vibration reduction. Use the stock spacer with a youth model Parker crossbow to make it usable for both adult and child.



Designed for the follow crossbows:

  • CenterFire XXT
  • ThunderHawk
  • BlackHawk
  • Ambusher
  • Challenger
  • Challenger II

Parker Rubber Stock Spacer

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