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This tube fits the following guns:

Browning 12ga A5 (Old Style)
Charles Daly (Made in Italy) 12ga (Current Production O/U)
CVA 12ga
FN-SLP 12ga
H and R 12ga 1871 Pardner Pump
H and R 12ga 1871/N.E.F.
H and R 12ga BS 130 Trap
Ithaca 12ga Model 37 (Current Production)
Maverick 12ga Model 88
Miroku 12ga
New England Firearms 12ga (Factory choke 1.5" long)
Pedersoli 12ga
Ruger 12ga (Produced before 1992, Factory flush mount 1.5
Savage 12ga (Except 512, 411, and Milano)
SKB 12ga Standard (Factory flush mount 1.5" long)
Smith and Wesson 12ga 1000 (old style)
Stevens 12ga 350, 67-E, and 320
Stoeger 12ga Coach
Stoeger 12ga Condor O/U
Stoeger 12ga Longfowler O/U and SxS
Stoeger 12ga Single Barrel
Stoeger 12ga STF3000
Stoeger 12ga Uplander SxS
Stoeger 20ga Longfowler O/U and SxS
Thompson Center 12ga Encore
Weatherby 12ga Element
Weatherby 12ga Orion
Weatherby 12ga SA 459 Turkey Xtra Green
Weatherby 12ga SA and PA 08 (Threads at Bottom of Factory Choke)
Winchester 12ga 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500 and Ranger
Winchester 12ga Super X2 Practical Mark I and II


12ga Browning Invector/Win Code Black Turkey .665


The Patternmaster Code Black Turkey uses a number of different technologies to achieve incredible down range energy at distance. We’ve worked hard to continue to develop a “hunting” pattern that performs like no other. We understand that sometimes your entire season can come down to a few more yards.

The Code Black Turkey is built from titanium infused 17-4 Stainless Steel and more than 100 years of combined experience. This American Made, aircraft quality steel is the best in the world and allows for unmatched performance and durability.

The Code Black Turkey technology uses a three-phase step down constriction to .665 as well as our proprietary canoe-porting... this combination of technologies shortens the shot-string by as much as 75% over constriction tubes.

*Ballistic Specialities recommends ammunition speeds below 1550 FPS for best results..

*Do not use this tube with slug ammunition.

Patternmaster 5054 - 12ga Browning Invector/Win Code Black Turkey .665

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