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                                                        RED HOT PUNISHER XXT

                                                                   454 GRAIN

                                                            +/- .001 Straightness


                                                              MSRP $89.99


The High performance RED HOT Punisher XXT High Velocity crossbow arrows are designed for High Performance crossbows shooting between 325 fps to 525 fps and come with a +/- .001 shaft staightness for those that demand absolute perfection and Punishes big game with superior energy.

The RED HOT Punisher XXT High Velocity crossbow arrow features Heavy-Duty weight forward brass insert to deliver superior down-range accuracy with a broadhead. Engineered with the tightest tolerances, the strong and durable RED HOT Punisher XXT crossbow arrow works seamlessly with today’s high performance crossbows. The stiff Fusion vanes create less drag providing straight arrow flight shot after shot. The 100% pure carbon arrow shaft means assured consistent straightness out of the box. No fiberglass or fillers go into the shaft which can weaken other arrows throughout their lifespan.

The RED HOT Punisher XXT High Velocity crossbow arrows come fully equipped with patented Capture® nocks as an added level of safety and performance. Capture® nocks are the best way to ensure that critical string-to-nock connection is consistent every time. They are far superior to flat and moon nocks that partially engage the crossbow string.

Pair these High Velocity crossbow arrows with the RED HOT CrossPro 100 crossbow broadheads for incredible accuracy and killing power.


Fits the following crossbow brands (require 20 inch arrows):

  • Parker
  • Ravin
  • Horton
  • Ten Point
  • Barnett
  • Bear
  • Carbon Express
  • Mission
  • Excalibur
  • Wicked Ridge
  • Centerpoint
  • PSE
  • Xpedition



  6 arrows/bolts per pack

     Overall Length 20.75″

  • Inside Diameter .300″
  • Straightness Tolerance +/- .001″
  • Mass Weight 354 grains (w/o point)  * 454 gr with 100 gr point
  • Grain Per Inch 9.6 Gr. (shaft only)
  • Insert Heavy-Duty Brass
  • Nock RED HOT Capture
  • Vanes 2.1″ Fusion




  • 100% Wrapped carbon construction for extreme strength and durability
  • RED HOT Capture® nock for safety and accuracy
  • Press fit Capture® nock  Design
  • Heavy-Duty weight forward brass insert
  • Optimum F.O.C. for superior downrange accuracy
  • Stiff Fusion vanes for less drag
  • Recommended for 100 gr. broadheads

RED HOT - 454 gr Punisher XXT High Perf Crossbow Arrows with Capture Nocks

$90.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price
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