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                                                                    RED HOT DISCHARGE BOLT


                                                                                     MSRP $24.99


Gone are the days of using a bag target and hunting crossbow arrow to discharge your crossbow.


The RED HOT Crossbow Discharge Arrow is a must have if you own a crossbow. Safely and easily discharge your crossbow by loading it and shooting it into soft earth! An oversized flange on the 100% steel point ensures the discharge arrow will not bury in the ground for easy retrieval. The special blend of fiberglass and carbon make the crossbow discharge arrow shaft extremely durable, shot-after-shot. You can store the discharge arrow in your favorite quiver for easy transport in the field. Don’t lug around a target or ruin a perfectly good arrow. Use the crossbow discharge arrow from RED HOT.


The RED HOT Crossbow Discharge Arrow comes fully equipped with patented Capture® nocks as an added level of safety and performance. Capture® nocks are the best way to ensure that critical string-to-nock connection is consistent every time. They are far superior to flat and moon nocks that partially engage the crossbow string.



  • Designed to be used with all major brands of crossbows
  • Safely, easily and quickly discharge your crossbow
  • Avoid using and breaking one of your hunting Arrows
  • 100% steel blunt point with
  • 3/4 inch flange minimizes ground penetration
  • Features Capture® nock to avoid accidental dry-fires
  • Made in the USA

Simple to Use:

Load the RED HOT discharge arrow,

Aim your crossbow at soft level ground 6-10 feet in front of you

Shoot – Recover is simple

RED HOT Crossbow Discharge Bolt

$24.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price
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