The Patented lighted crossbow Capture® nocks light up your shot and make arrow and broadhead retrieval possible. The Capture® design reduces partial dry-fires and gives you down-range accuracy when in the field. The light turns on when the arrow is shot and easily turns off by pressing on the lighted nock or by using the RED HOT Lumenok Extinguisher. They come in ultra-bright green, red and HD orange. The battery provides up to 40 hours of illumination and is easily replaceable.

The Patented Capture® nocks provide an added level of safety and performance. Capture® nocks are the best way to ensure that critical string-to-nock connection is consistent every time. They are far superior to flat and moon nocks that partially engage the crossbow string.

Lighted Crossbow Capture® Nocks come in a three pack.

  • Easy press fit installation
  • Turns on when shot
  • Battery life of over 40 hours
  • Capture® nock design
  • Comes in Red, Green and HD Orange
  • Comes as a 3 pack



  • Inside Diameter .300″


Available Colors

  • Green Lighted Crossbow Capture Nocks $34.99
  • HD Orange Lighted Crossbow Capture Nocks $34.99
  • RED Lighted Crossbow Capture Nocks $34.99
  • Powered by Lumenok
  • Capture® nock designed for safety and accuracy
  • Exclusive, PATENTED design
  • Battery Life of over 40 hours
  • Standard Replaceable Battery (BR 425)
  • Lights when the Arrow is shot
  • Switch Off Easily by Pressing on the Nock
  • Made in the USA


Fits the Following Crossbow Arrow Brands: Parker Hunter Arrows (2013 & up), RED HOT arrows (2014 & up), and others with inside diameters of 0.300″.

RED HOT Lumenok Lighted Crossbow Capture Nocks