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                                            Red Hot Rope Cocker Case / Turkey Friction Pot Call Case


                                                                                        MSRP $19.99


For those tired of losing their rope cocking device in their day pack, or tired or reconditioning their turkey calls from rubbing around in your turkey vest..…RED HOT has developed the universal Rope Cocker / Turkey Call Case.


It provides a secure location to store your turkey call or cocking device when not in use. The highly durable material that makes up the case is water resistant and comes with a plastic clip on the back to conveniently attach to your belt, waistband or pocket.

The quiet magnetic clasp securely closes the case, ensuring the rope cocking device does not fall out. Parker’s RED HOT EZ Roller Rope Cocker and RED HOT Standard Rope Cocker, as well as other brands of rope cocking devices fit nicely into the RED HOT Rope Cocker Case. 

Conveniently attaches to pocket or waistband Quiet magnetic clasp securely closes case Made of durable waterproof material


Suggested Retail Price: $19.99


Package Fits the RED HOT EZ Roller Rope Cocker and RED HOT standard rope cocker.

Durable plastic clip allows the case to be clipped onto the waistband, belt or pocket.

Has a strong magnetic clasp to ensure the rope cocking device does not fall out during transport.

RED HOT carrying case with a magnetic closure for a crossbow rope cocker, or for a friction turkey pot call to keep the call protected and the surface from getting smooth from rubbing around in your vest.

RED HOT Carrying Case for Rope Cocker / Turkey Friction Pot Call

$19.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
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